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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Continuing the Revolution

Can you believe our conference was just over a week ago?! What an amazing experience: motivational keynotes, inspirational workshops, meeting and greeting our online connections. We’re so thrilled at the number of ‘eggs’ who have hatched, and the bloggers who are stretching their wings. We’d also love to give a shout out to all the chick-chats that have emerged: #scichatNZ, #engchatNZ, #mathschatNZ, #socschichatNZ, #btchatNZ, and the wonderful tweachers who are behind each of these. Lone nuts no more! Please send us an email if you have launched a chat too so that we can support you!

Now, remember how our theme for the #edchatNZ conference was: ‘Follow the education revolution’? Well, here comes the next phase! Let’s capitalise on the energy and enthusiasm and passion so evident at the conference. We’d like to declare a blogging challenge and keep the momentum going. There are three levels of challenge, depending on how confident you feel. Try all three, but attempt one as a bare minimum. There are still some swaggy #edchatNZ coffee cups up for grabs (not that you needed any bribery, of course!).

Egg Challenge: Share a captioned photo of something cool happening in your classroom.
Chick Challenge: Complete the #edchatNZ blogging meme, started by @ReidHns1 here
Full Flight Challenge: Blog about how something you have learnt from the #edchatNZ community has changed your practice.
And don't forget to leave a comment on at least five blogs this month to help encourage and empower others!

Remember to share your posts on Twitter with our wonderful #edchatNZ hashtag. While you’re online, don’t forget to vote for this week’s #edchatNZ topic here, and to complete your feedback form on the conference here. We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

Good luck for the challenge, and, as always, we look forward to tweeting with you on Thursday night at 8:30pm.

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